Natural Building Techniques inspired from Traditional Constructions – International Workshop 2016

Seminario de la Asociación de Arquitectos Griegos (SADAS-PEA) titulado “Técnicas de bioconstrucción inspiradas en construcciones tradicionales" (Volos, Grecia, 17-25 septiembre 2016)

8-day International Workshop organized by SADAS-PEA (Greek Architects Association)

September 17th to September 25th 2016

Workshop Identity

The workshop is organized by SADAS-PEA (Greek Architects Association) in order to promote the principle of environmentally friendly architecture. It is addressed to young architects and students of architecture. It will take place at the Stamos Stournas guesthouse near the city of Volos, Greece between September 17th and September 25th 2016.

The language of the workshop is English.

More information:

Workshop Objectives

The main objectives of the workshop are:

- Rediscovery of environmentally friendly  construction techniques that were implemented by many generations of artisans in the past

- Understanding of the sustainable building principles of traditional constructions, and the way those principles determined buildings’ form and function.

Workshop Structure

The objectives of the workshop will be implemented through:

-  Guided field trips to prehistoric settlements and traditional settlements of the Pilion peninsula and to a modern structure built with natural materials.

- Lectures from distinguished professionals

Field practice in building stone foundations and unbaked clay brick walls


Workshops and participants stay will be accommodated at the Stamos Stournas guesthouse in Alli Meria, outside the city of Volos, Greece. View Map

The Stamos Stournas guesthouse, also known as Chatziargyri mansion, is a historic building built in 1864 and situated in an 8-acre land plot. It is owned by SADAS-PEA since 1963 following a donation by the family of Stamos Stournas, student of architecture.

The guesthouse has three floors, two of which (ground floor and first floor) will accommodate the participants. The ground floor has 5 rooms for 3 people each and the first floor has 2 rooms for 4 people and 2 rooms for 3 people. Each of these floors has shared bathrooms and showers. The maximum number of people that could be accommodated is 29.

The city of Volos can be approached by train or coach bus departing from Athens or Thessaloniki, the two main Greek cities that have airport.

The Pilion peninsula, the area where the workshop will take place, is one of the most beautiful regions in Greece, combining stunning nature, picturesque traditional villages, unique historic places and famously attractive beaches.

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